End of an Era.

State of The Union, 125th Street.

Spending a quiet night in, which is rather atypical for the holiday. Yet I don’t see much point in celebrating, or adding to the wretched din of what passes for “political discourse” around these parts. So I keep to myself, sip some tea and breathe deeply.

There’s good news: I finished my courses, and received my certificate. It’s official – I’m a Grade-A student. My nights are my own again! (No more missing killer gigs, like this one.)

Also, the office move was successful and I’m currently adjusting to more sleep, less commute time, and a plethora of excellent food choices. My home life is stable, and the garden bursts forth with blueberries, zucchini, tomatoes & glorious herbs. Things are good, in the microcosm. Of course, that can change at any moment; it’s important to be flexible and stay prepared.

The Well

Keeping in touch with friends and loved ones is also essential. Much of my 4-day holiday was spent clearing out an old email account: over 10 years of missives, check-ins, births, deaths, moves, blasts from the past, tentative new connections, amazing bon mots and tales of heartbreak. It was deeply cathartic – at times overwhelmingly so – but what I took away from the process is how lucky I am to have such smart, creative, funny and loving friends in my life. You know who you are, and you rock!

Tiger Lily.

So it’s the end of an era, and who knows what’s around the corner, but…I’ll keep on sipping that tea, and as a Wise Auld Scot once said, the trick is to keep breathing.