Summer Solstice is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere; I’ll take a brief break from my studies to wish you all lots of sunshine, birdsong, flowers and infinite possibility. (That also goes for anyone reading this in the Southern Hemisphere, where Winter Solstice is currently underway.) To celebrate, here’s a shot of my rose bush in full bloom, right on time.

I’ve got another two weeks left of class, then a 3-month break until the next go-round of courses in the fall. It was definitely a challenge juggling work, school, and domestic duties (especially in the beginning), but I managed to stay within the 90-95% range grade-wise and apply techniques learned in class to various work situations.

Birthday Haul.

Updates are a priority during my summer break: I’ve taken some more East Harlem photos, and have a bit more to say about what’s going on there. Also, I still need to post about my recent trip to the Bay Area. As a teaser, have a pic of the RIDICULOUS birthday hoard I amassed from various secondhand shops in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Berkeley, as well as a copy of Praxis’ Sacrifist gifted to me by the supercool lady behind This Little Plot.