Samhain Changes.

It’s been a struggle to update the site this past month; there’s been immense upheaval in both the macro- and microcosms of my life. The fires in Northern California and the aftermath of hurricanes in the Caribbean have affected me personally, and given me many a sleepless night. (While my friend in Cali is OK – thank the Gods! – there’s still been no news of elderly relatives in Puerto Rico.)

Curling up is always an option for cats.

This is a liminal era, where endless rage and bluster merely feed the Spectacle yet curling up into weepy submission is never an option. The smoke-and mirror propaganda machine that is global media throws larger, more powerful bastards under the wheels, scattering crumbs of false hope that anything will actually get done about it. (Although I was deeply tickled to see Andrea Dworkin referenced in a recent Weinstein-related article.) Am I being cynical? I’d love to be proved wrong – and see some industry heavyweights get knocked out for good.

Ruby the Hatchet ROCKS!!!

Being an empath, I have to be extra careful to not get caught up in other people’s drama, sucked up in media narratives I can’t control or preyed upon by narcissistic scumbags. I’m currently making a point to stay healthy, focus on the job search, and see a gig or two (which always boosts my energy levels and makes me happy). Ruby the Hatchet came to NYC on 28 October, promoting their fab new release Planetary Space Child, and attracted quite a sizable crowd for an opening act. They kicked major, MAJOR ass, and I’ll bet next time around they’ll be the headliners. Then, L.A. Witch arrives on 3 November at Saint Vitus (one of the better Brooklyn spots for live music).

More Ruby the Hatchet.

Hagalaz seems to be the watchword for Samhain; disruptive, impersonal change, which when faced and dealt with purposefully can bring about a better way of being. This year I’ve closed the door on various situations that weren’t working out, cleared out the old and am now making room for…honestly, I’m not sure. The future is a question mark; it’s challenging enough to live in the now! But I keep on living, breathing.