Eclipse: Shake It Up!

Buried Treasure.

So I was all dressed and ready to head out to the library yesterday; in reaching for my library card, I realized my passport (which is kept in the same place) was missing. Everything stopped – all my plans flew out the window as I tore my apartment to shreds looking for it. I hadn’t used it for travel since 2012; the last time I actually had to show it as proof of citizenship was this past January.

Mind you, I'd already cleaned house two weeks ago, in preparation for my new fridge; there was a gnawing fear in the back of my mind that I inadvertently chucked it in the recycling bin, sandwiched between various old catalogs and junk mail. Thankfully I found it five hours later, wedged tightly behind my desk drawer. During the frenzy, I found various other things:

Old-Skool NYC. Keep the Faith!

and my DVD copy of Girl on a Motorcycle (thank the Goddess! There’s nothing like Marianne Faithfull behaving ridiculously to cheer me up during tough times!). In the midst of loss, I have plenty.

Of course there was also enormous piles of crap – the aforementioned old catalogs and junk mail, bills from back in the day, and various clippings that once seemed important but no longer hold relevance. (I held on to the Byron Ferrari pic, tho – that will always stay gold.) There’s a cross-cut shredder and some homemade, artisanal confetti in my future.

As tiresome as it can be at times to scrub floors, do laundry, sweep away cobwebs and sift through endless piles of paper…cleaning house really does shake up stagnant energy, providing an opportunity to let go of useless shit/make room for useful shit. If some buried treasure is uncovered in the process, so be it.